About the team.

My name is Vicci, I'm 30 married with 2 Beautiful Amazing boy's.  I love to Read socialize and drink wine

My name is Sian. Together with Vicci we run Raunchy Rude Readers Blog. I read at least 6 books a week. I have started collecting signed paperbacks, i have around 130 at the moment. It is so hard to pick favorite authors. So here is a few of my Faves. Number 1 KC Lynn, love that lady. KA, Aurora Rose Reynolds, Abbi Glines (me and Vicci constantly fight over Rush) LOL. Ella Fox, E,L James, Colleen Hoover, K, Langston, Kristi Webster, Bella Jewel. 
I love MC books and Military books. Kc Lynn's MOH series is my favorite series ever!! 
I am Married, been married for 11 years!! He is a keeper he puts up with my book obsession, lol ;) 

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