Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Review: Bestie

Bestie Bestie by Bella Jewel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have loved every Bella Jewel book and this was the same, but for different reasons. This book was very different from any of Bella's other books. Yes it was still fiction but for those who follow Bella know that this is part story of her own true life. Which makes this book much more Raw, real and emotional. Did I get frustrated OMG Yes, I wanted to throw my kindle and slap Roman upside the head a few times, but remember parts of this book aren't fiction, its real life, and real life you cant skip the hard parts to get to your HEA.

This book is about Molly she has grown part of the Jokers Wrath MC, SHE IS Maddox and Santana's daughter. She has just been through a bad break up, when she meets Roman and he is going through the same thing. They become "Besties" and try and help each other through it. Roman struggles more than Molly and its hard for Molly to try and be the friend and gets frustrated with Roman's back and fore not letting his ex go. I got frustrated and could totally understand Molly's PoV, but like I said some is based on real life its not as simple as the stories we read in books.

This book had me laughing so hard, crying, frustrated so it invoked so many emotions which is a good thing. It was good to catch up with the gang from the Jokers Wrath. Cant wait for more.

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