Saturday, 29 November 2014

Thank you for the 3000 likes DAY 3 part B

We all love bookmarks!
Especially when they are signed! And yes! Shipped internationally!!!
See..... Tonya E. Ridener, has donated 3 of them!!

But it's not just that, which makes her awesome....
She has a book out. It's called "This Christmas : A Chartreuse story".
It's a follow-up from her story "Chartreuse", an M/M love story, that touches even the most reluctant!

Oh! I was telling you why Tonya is awesome... Right.
Half of her proceeds from this book, will go to her local animal shelter to help them rebuild, after a fire destroyed theire last home.
I will admit that I have a soft spot for animals, but please consider buying her book, if not for you then for a friend! I do guarantee that you will like it! I know I did!


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