Monday, 1 December 2014

Thank you for the 3000 likes, Double post!!!!

This post is dedicated to a lady with two personalities!
No!!!! She is not schizophrenic!!! She simply has 2 pen names!!!
Ok.... I will let her explain in her own words!

Nicole Edwards a.k.a. Timberlyn Scott has donated 1 signed copy of Temptation and 1 signed copy of Unhinged.
You all know Nicole's work, right??? Well, then, let me refresh your memory!!!

And of course, let's not forget her Alluring Indulgence series! Yummy......

Still not convinced of giving her a shot?? Check out her work as Timberlyn Scott :

Yep! I think I convinced you!!
Have fun, reading, though you *might* need a fan nearby.....

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