Thursday, 25 December 2014

Tracking the Hunter (UGS Constellations Book 2), by HA Fortman

Palee "Tracker" Stalvik had one simple mission: Go and save Sandy, then bring her back to California where she would be safe. Little did he know that his mission would be anything but simple as he is thrust into a future he did not expect. 

Carl "Rex" Dreven had no goals left in life other than to seek out a meager living in his mountain home. His self-imposed seclusion was lonely, even boring. He would purposely keep out the excitement, until one fateful night when his past came back to haunt him. It ripped him from one of the few nights of sound sleep and thrust him into a whirlwind of activity. 

Sandy Constance was trapped, strapped to a table with a maniac looming over her head, spewing nonsense to her. She had no idea how she got there, the last thing she remembered was getting ready for a surprise trip to visit her friend Elisa in California. One thing she was sure of however, she had to get out of there and fast!

My Review : 
So.... This series started from book #1 which is an M/F (in terms of romance) and goes on to book #2, which is M/M/F. And yes, it could get confusing and things sometimes would go faster than you would expect BUT! the characters had been developed so good, that their thoughts echoed mine. The would see the problematics of each situation and turn it to a logical explanation!
The only thing that bothered me, is the fact that I have an unaswered question. Then again, even if the major plot ended, there was an opening for the next book, where hopefully my question will be answered.
It is a book I enjoyed very much, 'cause it kept the surprises coming, in a very satisfying rate! ~ Kiki

You can find Chasing Constellations (The UGS Constellation Series Book 1) at :

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About HA Fortman : 
HA Forman loves to read, and has since she was a small child and reads everything from horror to classical. 

Recently she decided, with the encouragement of her friends and family, to start writing her own books and publishing them. While she's always written stories, most of them ended up in the trash or being covered in dust as they were forgotten about. Now, however, she's starting to share her stories with everyone and publishing them.

She lives in South East Michigan with her husband and son, and their two dogs and two cats. Living and loving being able to share her creative nature with everyone, she hopes that you'll enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys bringing them to life. You can find her at: 


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  1. <3 So glad you liked it! And yes, more answers will be given in book three! <3