Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Re-release and Review : Finding Sheba, by H.B Moore

Blurb : 
For centuries, historians have speculated that the Queen of Sheba is nothing more than a seductive legend; but when undercover agent Omar Zagouri finds a tomb in a tunnel beneath Jerusalem, he unearths cryptic clues that may lead to the queen’s final resting place.

This discovery, if authentic, could throw into question the governmental claim to the Holy Land—and prove the Bible false. Wealthy collectors, ruthless archaeologists, and officials from Egypt, Ethiopia, Israel, and Yemen scramble to find and lay claim to the secret site.

Dr. Richard Lyon of Brown University, the world’s leading expert on the queen, is found murdered in his office, setting off a chain of deadly events. Omar desperately works to piece together the puzzle to locate the queen’s burial ground, fearing another assassination will take place. He teams up with one of Lyon’s protégées as well as with his ex-girlfriend, agent Mia Golding, in order to unravel the truth about the queen, expose a murderer, and reveal a timeless story of love, revenge, and sacrifice.


My Review : 

At first, I was disappointed.
I was thinking that this book was a waste of my time. I was confused and I was 70% sure I would not finish the book.
And this is one of the reasons why I give it three stars. It was confusing at the beginning and I didn’t like jumping around timelines in the first chapters. I got used to it and went on to read the rest of it, which is an unexpectedly great story, if you focus on the historical fiction/adventure part of the book.
I liked the way the surprises came and the way our characters’ thoughts were becoming actions.
I cannot say much, without spoiling all the fun, but if you manage to get past the first chapters (and I urge you to!!!), you have a very good storyline.
But, when it came to the heroes’ characters, I was completely let down. That’s the second reason why I gave 3 stars. They were not developed enough and sometimes immature, for what they were supposed to be doing.

I received an ecopy through NetGalley, in exchange of my honest opinion. ~ Kiki

Book Links : 
 Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23740945-finding-sheba
Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/Finding-Sheba-Omar-Zagouri-Thriller-ebook/dp/B00MR3MWTK/

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