Tuesday, 29 September 2015


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If I could tell you one thing about this book, it would be that you HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!
One thing i love about penelope is her amazing writing skills, she never rests on laurels, she's always thinking outside of the box.
Everytime I pick up a book by her I never know where she will take me. I must say she has never disappointed me ever.
This story is told in multiple Pov's and I absolutely love that because im always wondering what the other person is thinking.
I've never read a book like this. (Which is saying something, cause I've read a lot)
I absolutely loved Stepbrother Dearest and no one could ever shine a light to Elec , well that was until I met Sevin.
The thing I love most about Sevin , he's not afraid to show his feelings. (You'll see that throughout the story)
Sevin comes from a very strict religious family, when something bad happens in his life he ends up wanting to fulfil his fathers wishes.
Along comes Elle, she was chosen for him.
After a long distance courtship sevin moves to her hometown to live on her fathers property In their guesthouse, where they would then get to know each other before their upcoming nuptials.
This should be an easy transition you'd think since he finds Elle attractive, and he has a good relationship going with her.
Then throw a temptation in his midst, someone he can't stay away from....not just anyone it was Elle's sister Evangeline.
It was like the Adam and Eve situation all over again and Evangeline was definitely forbidden fruit in more ways than one.
The story will have your emotions all over the place, you might even need your tissues at the ready.
I don't want to go into it too much and spoil it for you. I will tell you though, you might want to clear your schedule because once you start you most definitely won't want to stop reading it.
Teaser credit: Angela Cetrangola (I absolutely love these teasers)

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