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AUTHOR SHOUTOUT: Donnelly Brothers Series, by Alannah Carbonneau.


Counting Stars - Book 1 


★ ★ ★MY REVIEW ★ ★ ★ ★ I was given the opportunity to Arc Read and review this book, and I can safely say I am so glad I was contacted. My love for Paperbacks just had one added to its ever growing list (I seriously can't wait for this to be released in Paperback).
When I started reading this book I hadn't known anything about it, I'd not even read the blurb for this book. I'm not usually so flippant with my time, but I'm so glad I took a chance on this book. It took hold of me from the first page. I started reading this book last night and I found I had read till early hours of the morning, because I kept saying just one more chapter, one more chapter. I stopped eventually at 3 am with only 3 chapters and the epilogue left to read, which I finished with my morning coffee today.
I think it's safe to say I'm a bit of a book junkie and I'm enthusiastic about a lot of them, but every now and then one comes along and takes your breath away and pulls you into its own little book bubble and makes everything in the real world fade away, for me THIS IS THAT BOOK.
About the book. Reese is a 22 year old whose whole world comes crashing down the day she becomes a widow. No one expects to be widowed at such a young age after only being blissfully married for a matter of months. She finds herself lost, not able to grieve properly. A year after the death of Derrick she puts their home up for sale and decides to head out to find herself. She books a soul searching tour with a lovely lady Gracie, but in a twist of fate Gracie isn't able to go on the month long trek with Reese. Instead she's sent out into the wilderness with the handsome, enigmatic Logan not by choice though, in fact I think she would rather be going with anyone but him.
Their first meeting wasn't what you'd say was a good one, but there is definitely something about Logan that has her questioning her thoughts.
 Logan, with his not so filtered mouth, pushes Reese to do and say things she wouldn't usually and I love that about him. I love his nicknames he uses for her. There's definitely more to Logan than meets the eye. There is pain behind his ebony eyes and Reese finds herself wanting to know what ?!
"There was a pain lurking in the ebony deeps of his irises and I found myself wanting to know that pain. I wanted to know it so I could shed light onto its darkness. I wanted to help him heal almost as badly as I wanted to heal myself. "
I love how this couple connect during their trek. It's beautiful and seriously hot. I find it refreshing how it's not all about sex. Throughout the pages, there is a genuine story that can affect anyone of us at any given time in our lives. I must say I've never had this sort of loss in my life, I've been blissfully married to my hubby for 10 years, that being said you can imagine what Reese is going through, to love someone so dearly and have them ripped away from you is an unimaginable pain you never want to feel.
 I don't want to say loads about the book because I'd hate to spoil it for the reader. Just know yes this book is undeniably heartbreaking, but for that Alannah gives us laughs and love, seriously you won't be disappointed reading this book. There's no cliffhanger and can be read as a standalone. I will say have tissues ready,  but also be prepared for laughs because this book gives you that by the bucket loads.
A book of Love, Loss, Friendships, Attractions, Healing and moving forward with life.
I wish I could give this book more than 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ beacuse I truly believe it deserves them. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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Safe Surrender - Book 2


 ★ ★ ★MY REVIEW ★ ★ ★ ★ This was such a heartbreaking book for me. Growing up in a domestic violence home, you learn to be quiet, so's not to wake the monster. Fearing every second, don't say the wrong thing, don't play too loud. It's easy to say "I won't ever get into a relationship like that." "I would leave him/her."
Sometimes we blame ourselves, but when you fall in love you're handing your heart over to another for them to treasure it, never expecting them to shatter it into a thousand pieces. And sometimes you want to forgive them, maybe they were drunk, they weren't thinking when they hit you, attacked you. I mean, they look sorry the next day, so obviously they never ment to hurt you, 'cause if they apologize they couldn't have ment it right?
Well this book for me tapped into all this and more. Kami is a young, beautiful, broken women, dealing with the loss of her mother at 15. Being put into the foster system and meeting Rhett, a guy who showed her what love is or so she thought. A relationship that was built on control, vulnerability and manipulation. Everything changed and not for the better. Rhett became someone Kami didn't like or know.
 "I'm sorry,Kami." His words sounded pained."I was drunk." I felt his nose in my hair as he inhaled. "You know I love you, baby. I just lost control." He rubbed his hand over my arm. "It'll never happen again."
The violence both mentally and physically took there toll on Kami and finally one day she decided 'enough was enough.' It takes alot of courage to do what kami did and leave the only life she's ever known, especially when the guy has broken your spirit and self worth. After help from her best friend Ember, Kami hears about job vacancies at The Donnelly's Wild Land Tours. She looks up on Facebook what the job entails and phones the company to apply and after speaking with Grace, she secures herself a job interview for the next morning.
This is the fresh start Kami is looking for, somewhere she can reinvent herself. Kami needs a fresh start, and I believe she gets that, and more. Not only does the Donnelly Ranch offer her the peace and sanctuary she requires, it offers her friendships and a family she's never had.
I love that there's an instant connection between Kami, and Kyle ( the quietest of the Donnelly brothers). He knows there's something not quite right in Kami's life and makes it his mission to help be what she needs, a friend, a lover, a protector. This Donnelly brother is so swoon worthy, he will have you melting in your seat. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'm going to stop in a minute (I could seriously go on and on and on about this book). This book will melt your heart.
Yes it's heartbreaking and a taboo subject for some people, but seriously don't let the subject of this book put you off. Yes it may be about domestic violence but it's also about opening your heart to new experiences, having the ability to be strong and realizing your self worth, and learning to trust again. It's about Friendships, Family and Love.
This is the second book in the series and I can honestly recommend both. I'm so looking forward to the next one, I wish it was ready now. It's not only the storyline you'll fall in love with, it's the Donnelly brothers too. ;-) Damn they're hot and my list of BBF'S is ever growing.
Alannah has seriously knocked it out of the park with this one.
I wish i could rate it more than 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.
I'm honoured again that i got to Arc read the next installment of the series.
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Taking Chances - Book 3


 ★ ★ ★ MY REVIEW ★ ★ ★ ★ Wow!!!!! Another amazing book, written by Alannah Carbonneau. This woman is pure genius, she's a freaking writing extraordinaire , her writing captivates you. Not many authors have the ability to stop you in your tracks, I literally hadn't realized I'd held my breath, but I had on numerous occasions. Alannah writes with pure passion and emotion and I think that's portrayed in each and every character. I was so honoured to be given the opportunity to Arc Read Taking Chances.
The Donnelley series is by far one of my Top series of this year. When I set out to read each Donnelley brothers book, I always think to myself, 'I wondered how Alannah is going to make this one different from the last'. But each time she does and I'm in awe of her for that.
Now lets get to the book..... Hadley has the hardest thing to do in this book, she has to say goodbye. Goodbye to a loved one, her brother/best friend.
How do you cope after losing the person that means the world to you? The person that pushes you to do different things, be braver, be more spontaneous. They make you want to be a better person.
Hadley had plans for her life mapped out and she was well onto her way to fulfilling her dreams, until one night sees them falling into abyss. She never expected to lose someone she loved, especially so young. I've been where Hadley is and the worst feeling in the world, knowing there's not a thing you can an do to change it. You would give anything to wake up and for someone to tell you "it was all a bad dream.".
Unfortunately that's not the case and she has to face that her nightmares are real. Hadley has to leave her dreams behind her, and set of on a new life path...not set by herself, but the choice of a loved one, someone who used to be a rock for her family now was a shadow of his former self and this was her fathers way of regaining control I guess.
Hadley sets off for her 6 month stay at a Ranch in the deep Alberta Rocky Mountains. All she has with her is a bad attitude, her nightmares and measly possessions. I guess she feels betrayed by her loved ones, I mean if they really loved her they wouldn't send her away, to deal with this all alone?!
I can understand her mom and dad though, no one can brase you for the loss of a child. All they want now is to keep their only living Daughter alive and well. But in wrapping Hadley in cotton wool and shipping her off to somewhere, they think there are no distractions or harm, they are inevitably stopping hadley from living the life she desires.
Once on the Ranch her whole outlook on life changes. She meets Collin and exchanges smartmouthed comments and flirty banter. Little does she know he will change her whole life.
Collin is the jack the lad on the Ranch, screwing pretty much anything and no will to settle down, despite his mom's best efforts. You see Collin flirt with Hadley and her shooting him down, after she over heard a conversation about her.
She would never give him the satisfaction of being right in what he was saying.
In true Donnelly form, you see Collin set out as one thing and do a full 180.
The journey this book will take you on, will have you gripping your heart. You will sit there hooked as the story developes. I honestly don't want to say anymore on the story for fear of spoiling it for people. I read half the book in a matter of hours and messaged Alannah, to tell her I was going to read a few more chapters then head to bed.
Well I couldn’t do that.... There was NO  stopping for me. I had to know there and then, how their story ends.
I absolutely can't wait to read the next book in this series, to see what  Donnelly fate has in store for Luke.
If you love heartbreakingly beautiful stories, this is definitely the book for you.
A book of Loss, Confusion, Heartbreak,  Friendships,  Family, Love, Jealousy and Self Growth.

Tender Touch - Book 4


★ ★ MY REVIEW ★ ★ ★ ★ I can't believe that this was the last book in this series. I can at least say I have had the pleasure of reading all the other books in this series.
They were all amazing and this was no exception. I've only had a few authors capture my heart with a series of books.
I find that some authors just drag out story after story and I get bored. The only other author that captured me with a series similar to the way these books make me feel is Abbi Glines. I've never really wanted to know about every other character in stories, yet I found myself craving to have more from this series. Even now I can say I'd read more, I've in no way had my fill.
We've had Logan and Reeses story - The heartbroken widow. Kyle and Kamilla's story - The abusive relationship. Collin and Hadleys story - The loss of a brother/Best friend. Now..............We have Luke and Embers story, and let me tell you it's an emotional one.
Have you ever had someone tell you they wished you'd never been born ? That you were a mistake, you ruined their life? Well let me tell you, my brother went through this whilst we were kids and it was awful, it still torments him now. To know you weren't wanted by a parent, is a horrible feeling.
This is what Ember goes through in her life, imagine hearing that at the age of 13. You can imagine why she doesn't want to open her heart to anyone. After all if her father could say that to her , what's stopping someone else?
She saw her mother break down and she knows her heart can't deal with that type of heartbreak. Ember is in a bind, she is stuck in limbo, not knowing what to do with her life. She has just finished 4 years in college, but now she needs to do another 4 years in university and she doesn't know if she wants to do that.
She decides to think on things whilst she's at the Donnelley Ranch, visiting her best friend Kamilla. Ember has been coming to the Donnelley Ranch for 10 years, and for those 10 years she's had a crush on Luke Donnelley the youngest of the brothers. Although he's never even noticed Ember, or so she thought.
Whilst all the other books we saw Gracie Donnelley doing all the matchmaking, this one will make you giggle because its the other Donnelley wives and (Soon to be wife) that play Cupid in this one.
Whilst visiting, Ember gets a job in the stables working along side Luke, every girls dream job, or so you'd think. Ffor Ember this could be a fate worse than death.
Of course we know she's attracted to Luke, but she can't let herself feel for him.
Will Luke break down those barriers Ember has spent years building around her heart? He certainly makes for a great case, I love how genuinely smitten he is with her.
"Whatever it is you're trying to outrun, Ember, I want you to understand that I'll outrun you. I won't let you scare me away-because I know there's something you're afraid of. I don't know what that something is, but I'll be damned if I let you face it alone. So until you can stop running and let me catch you, I'll be right here beside you, running with you, until you stop. And when you're too tired to run another step, I'll be there to hold you up. When you're too exhausted to keep fighting, I'll fight for you."
This makes my heart melt, I absolutely love the concept of True love, I believe everyone should let their heart experience it.
The Donnelley Brother's always take my heart to warm fuzzy places, they are our very own living prince Charming, with a quadrupled case of hotness thrown in for good measures. I love how Alannah can take you to such emotional places, but you always leave the book with a smile on your face and your heart well and truly sated.
 I'm so glad i took the time to read these books. I honestly hope they eventually become available in paperback form because they will take pride and place on my bookshelf.
Well done Alannah another great book to a fantastic series, I can't wait to read your next books. You never cease to amaze me with your work, beyond amazing.


You can find all Alannah's books here on her Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Alannah-Carbonneau/e/B00IT3OMHC
Or you can add her here on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6964910.Alannah_Carbonneau

The Donnelley Brother's Series is a definite 5 STAR READ about love, loss, healing, and forgiveness! It's packed with romance and 4 sexy, swoon-worthy brothers! #OneClick This is an amazing series. You do not want to miss!

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