Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Author Spotlight! Mariah Kingsley is here to stay!!!!!

You know me!! I like to give examples of why an author is worth reading....
So I have prepared a small post, to introduce you to Mariah Kingsley!
I hope you one-click her books, once you see a sample of her work!

When Forever Ends: 

Charles has loved Vivian with all of his heart for the past twenty years, but after overhearing a conversation between her and her girlfriends he learns that she doesn't feel the same.
Cassie and Mason have tried and failed at having a family, and the loss has begun to change the way the love that was once so solid. Cassie has the job opportunity that will take her away from her husband for a few months. Hoping that the time away will bring them closer together. Charles and Cassie become great friends and after a short time they begin to confide in each other about their greatest fears. Their failing marriages. With the commitment to help each other fix their dying marriages they begin to see all that they were missing in each other.

Loving a Thief: 

Arianna Anderson has a secret, she isn't what she appears to be, To her close friends she is Leslie, fun hairdresser, but to the international world she is a powerhouse. She hides behind the name Leslie because she knows that Damian Maxwell is everything that she wants and can never have. He plays with women's emotions and she will not be one of his many conquests. So for the last year she has lied about who she really is, tiptoeing around the feeling that she has and the look of desire that is present in his gray eyes.
Damian can't get Leslie out of his mind, her body calls to every male cell in his body, there is nothing that he wants more than to dive head first into her lush body, but she is everything that he doesn't want, or so he keeps telling himself. He loves the fight in her, and he wants nothing more than to forget all the reason he has to stay away from her. But one night it all changes, one night he sees her in a light that will change them both forever. In that moment they learn that it's not what a person takes when he steal your love, it's what you give.

I Can't Tell GOD: 

Mason has lost the love of his life, and he is about to lose the company that he has built from the ground up. He wants to save the last piece that holds him to his wife, no piece of paper is going to stop him from being in love with the woman he has loved his whole life. But then walks in Maxine Nolan a woman with a voice that woke up something primal inside of him. He could never be is himself with his ex-wife,but maybe Maxine.
Any thoughts of being with her is stopped when she finds out that she has secrets, one she has a twin, the other she is the sister of Charles Maxwell his ex's new husband.
From the moment I laid eyes on Mason Johnson, I knew he would be trouble, not because of the women screaming as she left his room, no it was the butterflies that told me that I should take off behind her, I didn’t listen. He was supposed to be my big break, a chance to make my mark on the Public Relations world, I am supposed to fix him, make him a better man, the thing is, the more time I spend with him I realize, the man the world see’s doesn’t exist. He is the kind of man that makes me wish I could unburden my soul and I would if he wasn’t my new sister in law’s Ex- Husband. 



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