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Cocktail series by Renee George

An excellent work of books revolving around a bar called “The Other Team” and yes….. We’re talking about gay men! Actually we are talking about scorching hot men, so you can let your imagination run pretty wild!!!

The Wallbanger : Jay and Harvey (Cocktails #1)

Blurb :
To celebrate his 45th birthday, Dr. Harvey Grace agrees to go on a blind date at a popular gay sports bar, The Other Team. His date turns out to be the bar’s owner–gorgeous 32-year-old Jay Lincoln. Their attraction is immediate and hot as wildfire.

Harvey begins to believe that Jay might well be “the one,” but is the younger man serious about finding Mr. Right … or is he looking for Mr. Right Now?

*This short romance contains explicit male/male sex. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

My review :
So... when I start reading about a blind date in a book, I always have thoughts like "how would their chemistry appear so quickly??" "How can 2 people decide from the first sight, that they want to see each other again???" ... Lots of questions and most of the time, the "answer" provided by the author, via the book, leaves me dissapointed.
Well, not this time.... Renee is giving us an awesome book, quick paced and HOT!
Both of these men have their insecurities, and for good reasons, but know exactly what they are looking for. But Renee gave us a story, where all things come naturally, so MY insecurities for this book, run away quickly.
I totally recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a hot and quick M/M story!!!

The Hot Toddy : Tucker and Todd (Cocktails #2)

Blurb :
Todd Nelson and Tucker Thompson both know what it’s like to feel abandoned, lonely, and afraid. Since ending up in the same foster family together, they’ve been as close as brothers. Now in their early twenties, they still have each other’s backs, sharing an apartment and working at The Other Team.

Tuck avoids hook-ups while Todd constantly indulges in one-night-stands. Watching Todd go through a string of conquests in their home is brutal on Tuck, who wants Todd all for himself. What he doesn’t realize is that Todd has strong feelings for him, too. Tuck has always trusted Todd to have his back, but can he trust him with his heart?

*This short romance contains explicit male/male sex. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

My review :
The Hot Toddy is HOT!!! From the very begining....And it's the "I-won't-put-you-down-until-I'm-done-with-you" kind of book, because of it's hotness..... So we have two HOTTIES lusting for each other, but refuse to act on it! That makes their interaction awkward, yet hot (of course....) and has you at the edge of your seat to see how things will work out! :D

The Gin Rickey : Alex and Ricky (Cocktails #3)

Blurb :
Alex Michaels values intellect and propriety. To help pay the bills while he finishes his biological research degree, he waits tables at The Other Team. He’s trying to avoid romantic entanglements to focus on his studies, but the new cook, Ricky McNeil, is dangerously attractive. Ricky’s scars and tattoos have Alex both scared and horny.

It doesn’t take long for Alex to cave in to their insane attraction. But can two men from two different worlds have more than just a physical connection?

*This short romance contains explicit male/male sex. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

My review :
WOW!!! Another amazing Cocktail by Renee George! Different from the other two, yet as awesome!
And there you have it! Two handsome men, a misunderstanding and a closed door...... Add those 3 elements together and you get a story that actually teaches you not to judge a book by its cover!!
If you like your M/M hot, then this is the book for you!

The Dirty Martini : Chris and Marty (cocktails #4)

Blurb :
When bartender Chris Lawson goes into shock after getting the worst news of his life, he wakes up in the arms of Marty Lincoln, an Army Ranger on leave from his post. Even in his grief, Chris feels instantly connected to the war-ravaged vet.

Only two problems: Marty is his boss’s younger brother. And even if that wasn't an obstacle, the battle-hardened Ranger is straight. Or is he?

***This takes place in the CockTail serials world, but is a stand alone novella.

Author Note: While this novella is a romance, it contains explicit male/male sex. It is intended for readers who are over the age of 18, and who enjoy gay contemporary romances with erotic content.

My review :
One straight guy and a gay guy meet at “The other side” gay bar.
No, it is not a joke!!! It’s Renee George’s latest book!! And it’s awesome!
Each one has his own scars, some mental, some physical, but always there! The two men try to help each other, without caring for themselves. And that’s what makes this story special…….
Not to mention we get a glimpse of Jay and Harvey and how they interact with others, now that they’re together!
So hop on board for a very touching book, which has your emotions on a roller-coaster! A very good M/M book, that once again leaves you with food for thought!
Way to go Renee!!!
p.s. I was given this book for an honest review and I have to admit that I WANT MORE OF THESE SERIES!!!!!

Wallbanger 2 : The Oldfashioned : Jay and Harvey (Cocktails #5)

Blurb :
Dr. Harvey Grace has never been happier in a relationship. His younger lover, Jay Lincoln, owns The Other Team bar and grill, despite the disparity in their ages and occupations, they have an all-consuming passion for each other.

But doubts creep in easily when Jay’s handsome ex-lover resurfaces. Not to mention Harvey’s ex is still on the scene, too. Can two men hovering on the edge of a future together conquer the past’s hold on their hearts—and risk it all for a real shot at love?

*This novella contains explicit male/male sex. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

My review :
Woohoo! Another awesome book by the lovely Renee! I cannot find words to describe how happy I am to read the second part of Jay's and Harvey's story!
Once more Renee has written an amazing story full of emotion, which makes us see more on the couple than the first book! A very useful insight in the couple's relationship.
I cannot wait for the rest of the books to have sequels! ~ Kiki

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About Renee George :
Multi-published, award-winning author Renee George has been a factory worker, an army medic, a nurse, a website designer, a small press editor, an artist, and a teacher, but writing stories about sexy alpha men is the BEST job she's ever had. When she turned thirty, she went back to college and earned her BA in creative writing. She has been married to the love of her life, a wonderful man who supports in every way, for over half her life (and that is a VERY long time!). She happily lives in a small, Midwest town with her husband, two needy dogs and a very independent cat.
Renee’s Links :
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