Monday, 22 September 2014

Unassailable, by Cynthia St. Aubin

Blurb :
When dead men tell mo' tales... 

Running afoul of a pants-less ghost pirate wasn't exactly what Paranormal Psychologist, Matilda Schmidt had in mind when she took off for some R & R. Even at a quiet beach-side bungalow, Matilda can't catch a moment's peace when the restless spirits aren't the only ones haunting her bedroom.

Marooned by a disappearing demigod and seeking a solution to banish her unwelcome guests, Matilda rides shotgun with a hit man who's better at making ghosts, than eliminating them. When Matilda's new-found abilities leave her feeling more psychotic than psychic, she's forced to consider an offer she doesn't want to take, but can't afford to refuse.

My review :
Oh! My! God!
What an ending! Do we have a release date for the next one, yet?
In this book, Matilda starts seeing ghosts and listening to voices.
When a ghost requests her help, there is not much she can do than accept to help. And that’s when trouble begins…
Oh! Wait! Trouble had already begun earlier by Crixus, but you didn’t hear that from me!
I am #TeamCrixusAllTheWay!
You need to buy this book ASAP (though you might need the previous four, as well ‘cause they are NOT standalones), especially if you need a funny read!
I do not think it’s by chance she’s the :

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About Cynthia St. Aubin
Cynthia St. Aubin wrote her first play at age eight and made her brothers perform it for the admission price of gum wrappers. A steal, considering she provided the wrappers in advance. Though her early work debuted to mixed reviews, she never quite gave up on the writing thing, even while earning a mostly useless master's degree in art history and taking her turn as a cube monkey in the corporate warren.
Because the voices in her head kept talking to her, and they discourage drinking at work, she started writing instead. When she's not standing in front of the fridge eating cheese, she's hard at work figuring out which mythological, art historical, or paranormal friends to play with next. She lives in Colorado with the love of her life and three surly cats.
Cynthia loves to hear from her readers!

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