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Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery

Blurb :
***Released as a standalone with two brand new stories for the readers: Brom's Birthday and The Slow Grind. The main story is formerly part of the Tall, Dark and Alpha boxed set***

Raesa was one step from hell until she found redemption in their arms.

Ship thief and notorious escape artist, Raesa Daw was the best in the business until a routine DNA test proves that she's one of the last Earthen purebloods in existence. Desperate to escape sexual slavery and breeding for a royal house, she flees the station on the Crimson Star, landing in the arms of a deadly half-breed, Brom Raine.

One kiss burns away her fear, but opens a world more dangerous than she'd ever known.

Captain Anderson Na'varr of the Mercenary frigate Crimson Star shows no mercy to those who stow away on his vessel. He will take the thief and show her exactly how erotically ruthless he and his Executive Officer, Brom, can be.

Seduced by the dark lust and hidden strength of both men, she vows to do everything in her power to corrupt her DNA before the slavers find her.

Na'varr realizes Raesa holds the key to survival, and losing her to the Republic would destroy the fragile peace he and Brom had found in her arms. Her courage would lead them out of the depths of hell but only their love could keep her alive.

WARNING: SILVER TONGUED DEVILS contains explicit sex. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Author's Note: Silver Tongued Devils was previously released in the Tall, Dark and Alpha Boxed Set. This edition comes with two additional stories in the continuation of their adventures.

My review :
From the minute I read the blurb of this book (not to mention the snippets), I knew I had to read it! I was not dissapointed! It is an awesome story, in an awesome universe and it left me wishing for more! I pledge my undying love for Dawn Montgomery and her writing... I can't wait for more stories from this universe and characters!!
Let me give you a hint of what drew me to this book : 


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About Dawn Montgomery
SA Today bestselling author Dawn Montgomery loves to write almost as much as she loves to read. She has traveled the world twice over. While her days were filled with long hours and hard work, her nights were left for dark, lustful fantasies in and out of strange hotels and cities.
Alaska and Texas are the places she calls home. She recently moved from the frigid North to Texas with her family and neurotic dog. It was tragic to leave behind the moose and bear for wide open plains and sexy cowboys.

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